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Kuvera Review

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Kuvera Review

Are you looking for a review on Kuvera Mining and Crypto? You’ve come to the right place… It’s not a scam! In fact, it is a 5 year old legit, publicly traded company with A+ Better Business Bureau rating, that now focuses on Crypto Currency mining. I’ll review all the details of Kuvera including the mining, the products, the leadership and the compensation plan in this Kuvera review.

What is Kuvera?

Kuvera is crypto currency focused company based in Salt Lake City, Utah in the USA. It’s wholly owned by Investview Corporation (INVU). Investview Inc. has changed the name of Wealth Generators to Kuvera LLC in its first steps to creating a new vision. See the press release here: https://finance.yahoo.com/news/investview-inc-changes-wealth-generators-200946215.html

Kuvera products include crypto Mining Contracts leases that pay you in Etherium daily, an educational Suite of products for crypto currency / mining, training, crypto currency trading signals and trading software etc.

The CEO and founder is Ryan Smith, other co-founders include Chad Miller, Annette Raynor and Mario Romano. Other executives are Chad Garner, Ricardo Sousa, Misty Hoglund and Lance Conrad.

Kuvera Products:

Kuvera Mining

1000 Day Mining Contracts –


Research and Market Analysis Sessions provide customers education on a variety of topics such as hardware, wallets, exchanges and ICOs (Initial Coin Offering). The sessions also feature in-depth chart analysis of the growing cryptocurrency universe.

Portfolio Alerts identify crypto currency coins that may have the potential to increase in value.

The CRYPTOtrader proprietary software allows customers to personalize their trade parameters and risk tolerance. With just a few clicks, users can participate in crypto currency market with minimal effort.